Cleaning station

All types of portable tanks


TANK SOLUTIONS NORMANDIE (T.S.N.), is a multi-services platform dedicated to portable tanks meant for transport of chemical products. We are affiliated to SOGESTRAN GROUP, and located within the industrial area of LE HAVRE, literal crossroads of logistics and maritime flows in Western Europe.

Our skills and equipment split into two separate and specialized sites, topped with our certifications, allows us to offer you custom-made services. Whether it be cleaning, maintenance & repair, heating of products or transport of full or empty tanks. We guarantee high-quality services, and always in accordance with security and environmental standards.

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Cleaning services appropriate for chemical products

A wide range of liquid and powder chemical products accepted, meaning most chemical products carried in road tanks or tank containers.

Our infrastructures

Maintenance & repair

Equipment dedicated to the maintenance and repair of all types of portables tanks of liquid and powder products.

5 empty container handlers with 20’/40’ telescopic spreader

A storage capacity of 2000 EVP on a 70000m² depot

16 workstations dedicated to « In service with lifelines »

4 workstations avec pressurized nitrogen and dew point

A 1300m² workshop equipped with a travelling crane a shot-blasting and painting room

TSN Sandouville – Cleaning station dedicated to road and silo tanks – 7 cleaning bays


Road tanks terminal

TSN SANDOUVILLE offers cleaning, maintenance & repair of road tankers, silo tanks, vacuum tanks, IBC/IC tanks.


Containers terminal

TSN GONFREVILLE-L’ORCHER deals with operational and logistical management of your ISO tanks.

Environmentally friendly

Technology, reliability, safety and reducing environmental impacts are all integral parts of the quality system imposed by TSN as an APLICA / EFTCO member.

On top of that, TSN implements a policy of “reusing substances” to turn wastes into actual resources.

Moreover, TSN treats the sewage produced by its cleaning activity thanks to its own wastewater treatment plant. Finally, the firm is allowed to discharge into the natural environment, accordingly to the current regulations.

Multi-services solution

3 firms working in synergy to offer a package deal

T.S.N performs services related to tank containers, in association with the companies FREEMAN INDUSTRIE & CARE, both affiliated to SOGESTRAN GROUP as well.

FREEMAN Industrie

Located in Béziers (Southern France) on a major rail axis, FREEMAN INDUSTRIE specializes in maintenance, repair and transformations of fret material (wagons, tanks, containers).


Port center meant to store and supply hazardous chemical products. CARE deals with the logistical aspect of your hazardous chemical products, whatever their packaging may be (drums, IBC, Big-bags, containers…) as well as your means of transportation (sea transport, road transportation, rail transportation, inland navigation).